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LPG Bulk Installation

We provide total turnkey solution for bulk LPG storage facility with vaporisers, pressure reducing station and other equipment for use of LPG as fuel in variou industries for heating and other applications like furnaces etc.

450kg Installation

This is a new concept introduced for the convenience of industries with space constraints, where a 450Kg LPG cylinder is used to subsitute a large manifold. This helps in optimization of space and better consumption of LPG.

Manifold & Industrial Piping

The Manifold system is designed to provide a single source of supply through a cylinder bank. This manifold is typically a high pressure system for liquid or vapour systems used in both industrial and medical applications.

Reticulated Piped Gas Systems

This system is used in residential socities where a piped network supplies cooking gas to individual apartments through a centralized cylinder bank.

Natural Gas piping

With the increase in the PNG network, many commercial and residential establishments can opt for MNGL's natural gas connections. We help in installing new pipeline as well as converting old piped gas systems as per MNGL's norms.

LOT systems and other pipeline systems

LOT System is an advanced system to supply LPG in liquid form for various commercial & industrial purposes. We also design & execute O2, N2, Air pipelines etc. for educational & medical institutions.

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Our Solutions

LPG Piped Gas Installations

It eliminates the process of registration or transfer of registration for a connection. No calling up Gas Distributing agency for booking of refill cylinders. No waiting for door delivery of booked Gas cylinders. No shifting, moving, handling of cylinders, No space needed for storage.

Commercial LPG Boilers

We provide Commercial LPG Boilers, LPG takes up less space than wood for a biomass boiler, therefore large quantities can be stored and transported easily. LPG boilers can also run quieter, another factor to consider if the boiler is located close to the point of use and to avoid noise disturbances.

HSD Installation & LOT Systems

We are a leading service provider for the HSD Pipeline Installation Services. Some of our offered products are Commercial Kitchen Gas Pipeline Installation Services, LPG Gas Pipeline Installation and Lab Gas Pipeline Installation.

Gas Geyser & AMC

We offer an extensive array of Gas Geyser & AMC that are of top quality and are available at a very reasonable rate. Natraj Gas is always being on the forefront to delight customers with products and services through-out involvement and team work of each and every individual.


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Our Services

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